Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I am not responsible for anyone but myself.

It is my job to take care of myself.

Self-care is revolutionary.

My well-being & needs deserve to be my priority.

I can only look after another or the world when I have looked after myself first.

My life, my voice, and my ideas deserve recognition.

I am worthy of my dreams.

Confidence, intelligence, and ambition are worthwhile.

Compassion is powerful and sexy.

So is empathy and sensitivity.

There is no such thing as too sensitive.

There is no absolute right or wrong way to live your life.

Never let anyone in the world make you believe your kindness is weakness.

The statements above are all things we have had to say to ourselves time and time again when circumstances, hard times, challenging or toxic people, and just life, has belittled and judged us. When getting up in the morning was too difficult. In all those moments when dreams seemed so far away that even trying felt like too much.

MZL Productions was born out of personal necessity. Yet, we strongly believe that the personal is political. And the political is ever-changing, constantly expanding, and shifting in terms of both meaning and purpose. We know we can't help everyone, and we know that some people will deem it as unnecessary or resent us for even trying.

That's precisely why we do it.

Increasing representation, working towards gender equality, and fighting for racial justice isn't new. In fact, it's so old that we're in 2021 wondering why we're still talking about all of it. Well, why just talk?

This company is for you, whoever you may be. And it is built and run by someone who may never fully understand who you are, who might get it wrong, but who is willing and eager to help you, because that is the change we want to see in the world.

We are here to work with and for you.

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