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MZL is an interdisciplinary artistic practice & studio founded by Shreya Tanisha. MZL represents immortal and eternal creative experimentation. We never begin, we never end, whether or not we were born, we will always be alive.


It is also known as MZL Productions & MZL Space, which is a film and theatre production company based mainly in London, but also internationally, developed by Shreya Tanisha during her final MFA year at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

The company predominantly promotes work by artists of colour, and artists from minority backgrounds, with a focus on increasing diverse female representation, whilst enhancing and enabling a strong collaborative atmosphere.


We want to tell the stories that haven't been told and see the characters that haven't been seen. Since we enjoy experimentation we are not at this stage claiming or hoping to be hugely commercially viable, but rather, we are seeking to maintain a space in which new ideas can flourish, and where we can make work that is fearless.

The company is endorsed by The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, is a recipient of the Central Start-Up and Enterprise Award, and has formal approval from His Majesty's Government.


As mentioned previously, the company has the long term aim of being as international as possible.

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