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We bear it all.
The spirit endures forever.

1 / Welcome

Abnormal Pulse gave birth to this so we're starting with a welcome but this is not a public journal. This is a public brainstorm. It's a list, consisting of thoughts, or items, and we go into some elaboration so that it serves as food for thought. Maybe that'll lead to some creative inspiration. Or confusion. The point, if there is one, is to be free.

2 / Naked

We won't be sharing nude pics. It's not that kind of art. It could be - in a highly tasteful manner. Naked means naked. Freedom of thought and freedom of speech but more than that it's also a vulnerable act. To think and speak - or write - out loud. If everyone agreed the world would be a very different place. Sex, drugs, booze, menstruation and then those outrageous ideas of equality and tolerance and cultural sensitivity and the contradiction underlying evolved emotions. 

3 / Concepts

Abstract thought? Is that what a concept is? Ideas maybe. A bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. Maybe. Don't you ever feel like contemplating something and trying to find meaning in something and endlessly analysing the signs and symbolism of something - until it becomes apparent that you might desire something? That's a lot of somethings. Those somethings could be treated as concepts. Love, grief, anger, contentment, satisfaction, frustration, rebellion, dissent - and so it goes. Justice. The whole world, you and I, everything we think we know - it's all a concept. And we'll end there for now before we start sounding high because this is a substance free zone. Abstraction is only effective when paired with clarity.

4 / Valentine's

The day before and it makes no real difference. Not because I'm not a hopeless romantic - I am the worst kind of romantic - like really dramatic and treacherous. I meant it makes no difference because whilst naked and love have some obvious correlations, it's also true that we live in times where it's overwhelmingly obvious that everyone wants something like revolution - but it feels rather saturated. At least it does to me. I feel like all I'm doing is repeating myself.  Or stating the obvious. Like, polyamory and bi or pan sexuality. Love is love. Let people live. Let people be. Let people express. Work out the kinks and political correctness drama - make room for the best and worst of our species to manifest - but preserve autonomy and advocate for non-violence, and in the end don't punish love when it is love. I think that expansion of the definition of love might mean humanity will become more capable of it.

5 / Cocoon

Being so open about matters of the heart and body and mind might lead someone to wonder where we draw the line here at MZL. Truth is there isn't a line - there's a cocoon, at least one I've survived in and cultivated for the last several years and it is about protection and comfort. I bought a onesie from The Big Softy, which as they describe Fits Like A Warm Hug. So, the truth about intimacy is also about how we are intimate towards ourselves - our personal environment. I am a sucker for all things cosy and warm and comfy. Sex can be a part of that and it can also not be a part of that. I think for us it has been a project of sorts to create a homely environment within creative chaos and to heal within it, becoming a butterfly that's about to emerge every new day. Isn't that a beautiful thought?

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